Why You Should Advertise on Bus Benches in 2015

The start of a new year brings the start of new marketing plans for many companies. As you begin to decide how to best budget your advertising dollars for 2015 be sure to include bus bench advertising! Not only are bus benches a low cost marketing investment, they are also proven to reach more consumers than other types of marketing! 

The article below explains in depth how bus bench advertising will be the best marketing decision you can make for 2015!


Outdoor Advertisements Topping The Charts in 2014

Outdoor advertising boomed in 2014! Creativity and Imagination took a whole new direction creating some of the best outdoor advertisements ever! The link below displays the best of the best from 2014! Take a look to get some ideas for your 2015 advertising campaigns! 


How Advertising During the Holidays Boosts Sales

The holiday season is a time for more than shopping, its a time to boost sales through outdoor advertising!

Integrating Technology into Outdoor Advertising

Finding creative ways to integrate technology into your advertising campaign 

Why Should Realtor's Advertise on Bus Benches?

Bus Bench Advertising is a great way for Realtor's to build their brand and increase recognition in communities! 

Strategies To Strengthen Advertising Effects

Techniques to help ensure your advertising efforts are not overlooked.

How To Construct An Effective Marketing Plan

What is the key to successful marketing? Creating Value For Customers!

Effective marketing strategies need to customer focused rather than product focused. Too often companies forget this simple marketing technique because they become so focused on marketing a product or service better than competitors. When making marketing decisions, companies need to think in terms of customer's needs rather than beating the competition. Following the steps below will help you transform your current marketing strategy resulting in customer acquisition and retention which will drive your companies profitability. 

1. Select a target market and determine how to position your product or service to customers in that market (Keep an eye out for a post on target markets and product positioning!)

2. Identify category segments within that target market to begin understanding how to accurately meet each segments needs

3. Look at who your competitors are in that market - Outline needs you have identified and determine ways your product or service can meet those needs above and beyond competitors 

4. Determine company limitations and competence available to meet those needs - Only selecting needs and value you can accurately meet

5. Devise a marketing plan to achieve desired positioning

Other great resources on Effective Marketing Strategies: 



Bench Advertisement Featured in Florida Realtor Magazine

This is an except from an article featuring bus bench advertising in the 2013 Florida Realtor Magazine! It's a great two page read about how realtor's can grow their business with bus benches! This article is very informative and useful for any company!

How Much Do Bus Bench Ads Cost?

Are you wondering "How much does it cost to advertise on a bus bench?" We get calls asking this same question almost daily and the answer is - it varies! 

For some reason the word "expensive" is associated with bus bench advertising, when it reality bus benches are rather inexpensive forms of advertising when compared to other media types. 

The cost of bus bench advertising depends on what locations you are interested in, number of ads you want on the street and if you are looking for a fixed or moveable (can be place anywhere)!

We have many different advertising plans that fit almost any budget! Contact any of our offices to learn more! 

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Does Bus Bench Advertising Really Work?

Bus Bench Advertising works for EVERYONE! The key to success depends on bench location, number of benches and your advertisement

Before picking a bus bench ask yourself is "Who is my Target Market?" and "What is my objective/goal from my advertisement?" These key question will help you determine where to place your advertisements, how many bus benches you should have and how to properly segment those benches to achieve your advertising goals. 

For instance, a local fast food restaurant wanting to draw in hungry customers could use directional advertising to achieve their desired goal. 

Another example is someone not directly attempting to sell a product but building their brand by strategically placing advertisements to create awareness. This method of advertising usually involves no less than 5 benches placed in locations that reach your target market. Examples of advertisers who have had success with this in the past include Realtor's, Insurance Agents, Entertainment (Movies & Music), and other various awareness advertisements. 

Keep an eye out for more posts on how bus bench advertising can be the perfect addition to any media set!